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Alsafil came into being in Italy 20 years ago as a manufacturer and distributor of man-made yarns for the underwear and hosiery market. The versatile nature of its products and rapid service standards soon created optimal conditions and Alsafil yarns were extended to the outerwear and sportswear market.


Today, Alsafil has an international presence on the European textile market and the winged brand has gained general recognition for its manufacturing ability and quality standards with a broad range of textured yarns, covered yarns and air-jet yarns for weaving purposes and for seamless items, not to mention knitwear and hosiery.



Alsafil has always been highly sensitive to health and safety on the workplace, being well aware of how important staff wellbeing is to achieving its goals; thus, it goes to great lengths to avoid any possible risks and to ensure that current safety regulations are observed.

Furthermore, Alsafil is OEKO-TEX std 100 Class I certified. This key testing system runs checks for harmful substances and looks at the main human-ecological safety factors in the company.



Alsafil’s product range is one of the most comprehensive and competitive available on the market.

Top-quality yarns for all needs.


Nylon 6.6 textured yarns
This takes place with various twisting and heat setting techniques which generate a crimped effect making the yarn thicker and softer. This type of yarn has extra elasticity and gives better comfort to garments.


Nylon 6.6 FDY yarns
This is made by an ironing process during which the filament undergoes an irreversible lengthening process; this could cause the yarn to stretch to four times its original length.


Nylon 6.6 Single or double covered yarns
These are obtained by wrapping one or two parallel or textured nylon heads around the spandex fibre, according to a set number of torsion per metre.


Nylon 6.6 Air-covered or interlaced yarns
This is obtained by passing the Spandex fibre under tension through a jet of air together with a multifilament or microfilament textured yarn which intertwines at intervals with the core of the Spandex fibre.